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The Crystal Valley

Small Tabular & Elestial Smokey Quartz

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Elestial Crystals are rare and often searched by collectors.

Elestial received this name because it’s believed that its metaphysical properties are connected to the cosmos.

It’s believed that due to his extremely high vibration combined with the unique patterns, these crystals are connect to the Akashic Records.And that they are easily accessible.

I could be hours talking about how incredible they are! So drop me a message if you want to know more!

One thing for sure, I highly recommend having one around! You can’t imagine the energy around!


∘ ∘ ∘ 

* Weigth: 30g

* Lenght: 6 cm 

* Width: 4 cm

> Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.