About us

Oie! Tudo bem? I am so glad that you are here!

I am Najylla 👋. I come from Brazil, I live in the Netherlands (I speak Portuguese, English and some Dutch - sorry for possible mistakes haha) and today a dream is coming true: I have my very own crystal store!

The crystals have been part of my life since forever! I think I can safely say that everyone in Brazil has a crystal, as it is so common and you can literally find them everywhere!

However, I've learned how to use the stones for meditation and healing when I was a kid, thanks to my grandma, who taught me pretty much everything, and since then I just couldn't live without it (also because they are one of the most beautiful things on earth!).

I am really thankful and thrilled that I can now share this passion with all of you and that we can learn all about it together.

I want to offer you beautiful crystals, certainly a lot of them directly from Brazil, but most importantly: they are also ethically sourced!

And I am always open to chat about everything! If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat, please feel free to drop me a message here or on my social media!

Loads of love,