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The Crystal Valley

Moldavite M07

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Moldavite is such a powerful and a must have stone ✨


πŸ’š Some people believes that helps us to ascend

πŸ’š Helps to bring back the balance of our body and get back on track

πŸ’š Connect with the heart charka, it helps us to open our hearts, let go of negative energy, and practice self-love

πŸ’š Its known to help us healing traumas that are deep inside ourselves, maybe even from past life’s

πŸ’š Its also used by many people (me included) as an amulet, that will protect, guide and open the eyes when we need the must

πŸ’š It also helps us to work on our beliefs, reminding us that we are here to succeed.


✨ My Moldavite helps me to open up to the universe attracting unlimited wealth and prosperity. I open my heart and accept the blessings. I deserve it, I believe and it’s already mine ✨


These Museum Quality babies are simply amazing and they have such an energy!


Quality: Museum

Weight: 3g

Carats: 15

Measurements: 28 x 14 x 7

This Moldavite is certified and by purchasing it you will receive a physical certification.Β 

Please note that the pictures were taken by a normal sun light. Without the light the colour is much darker.