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The Crystal Valley

Raw Malachite & Azuritte

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- Raw Malachite | M4 - 

∘ Azurite can appear in over 45 different forms. This stone changes in response to air, slowly turning into malachite over time.  Some forms include a scattering of druzy crystals.

∘ Azurite-malachite (like its separate stones) is toxic in its raw state and care must be used when handling, grinding, cutting and polishing rough. Do not immerse in water or lick the stone when using for crystal healing.

∘ The merge of azurite and malachite produces a mineral which is said to enhance the properties of each individual stone.

∘ Azurite is commonly believed to provide insight into all areas of life, promote intuition, stimulate creativity. Malachite has been said to encourage action, enact change, heal heartache, enhance creativity, increase fertility and protect the spirit.

∘  United as azurite-malachite, it is believed this mineral blends different traits together, freshens the user's outlook on life, as well as dissolving egocentric characteristics; dispelling conceit, arrogance and vanity; calming anxiety and enhancing flexibility in motion and thought.

∘ Such powerful and incredible stone. Definetly a must have! 

* Weight: 186g

* Widht: 7.5 cm

 > Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.