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The Crystal Valley

High Quality Lemurian | L1

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This baby is 100% natural. I believe that Lemurians should never be polished

Lemurian Crystal, supposedly, has its origin from the ancient continent of Lemúria. If you have never heard of Lemuria before, it is believed that it existed at the same time as the famous Lost Continent of Atlantis, despite Lemuria being older.

There are a couple of theories about these civilisations. One of them says that both populations were extremely developed (on a spiritual level), however, they lost themselves searching for power, which led on a later stage to the end of both continents (this is a brief description). There is also a belief that Lemuria still exists under Mount Shasta, a volcano in California, which attracts thousands of people each year (honestly, I would love to feel the energy of that place as well)

So, according to some stories, the Lemurians were very knowledgeable about healing with crystals, and when they realized that Lemuria would sink, they decided to save all this knowledge in some crystals, hoping that later, the next civilization would be able to find and use them. In order to make it easy to identify these special stones, they have decided to add the pattern of the lines on both sides of the crystal. And that’s why it is known to be a very powerful stone.

However, I think it is nice to remind you that there are a lot of crystals being called Lemurians, when they are actually not, so be careful when adopting one!

Something nice to know is that Lemurians is not only found on Clear Quartz, but also as Smokey Quartz, Citrine & Tangerine Quartz (that I know of )!

These crystals have a very subtle energy and they are really great to meditate with it. Regardless of the story behind it, how their lines are naturally made, it is just a reason for having it around.


You can find its video here:


* Weight: 36 g

*Lenght: 8cm

  > Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.

> The crystal can't stand by itself