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Carnelian Flame | C1

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- Carnelian Flame - 

 ∘ If you need a few more flames in your fire, Carnelian is always keen to bring out your power. The Carnelian crystal is all about gifting a glut of vitality to those who are feeling a little lost.

∘ This stone will get you back on your feet and feeling the drive to go forth and conquer, especially when it comes to creative projects. Also called The Artist’s Stone, Carnelian invites you to embrace your inner child and say a sweet yes to spontaneity. Write, paint, dance and sing, let it flow! 

∘ Carnelian activates the Sacral Chakra, our energy centre of creativity, pleasure, sensuality, and passion. Known as the gemstone version of caffeine, carnelian enhances stamina, optimism, and empowerment. It reminds us that you’re divinely alive, boosting our energy when we are feeling down.


* Weight: 365 g

* Height: 8.5 cm

* Width: 3 cm

> PS: The flame is wobbly. 

> Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.