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The Crystal Valley

Organic Tibetan Lama Chodpa Incense - Relaxation

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My number one incense!

Lama Chodpa Incense is a pure, Tibetan monastic incense from the Himalayan village of Tashi Jong. It is natural and handmade. It includes 31 medicinal herbs and other precious substances. Once the incense it's made, they are also blessed by Monks.

Similarly always perform actions with good heart that bring happiness and peace to life. Lama Chodpa incense is made according to a strict Tibetan tradition. It is made up of 31 medicinal herbs and other natural precious substances, lending it a blissful touch.

It is hand prepared traditionally according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan manuscripts. Carefully dried ingredients are thoroughly ground using pestle and mortar. The artisanal process includes using pure and precious substances in exact proportions. They are hand blended. 

The sticks are carefully dried in open air. The sticks are hand packed in a protective cardboard tubing and then wrapped in screen-printed handmade paper. Then they are sealed with red wax using an auspicious sign seal.

The proceeds from sales of this incense are committed to the support of Nub Gon Monastery and other community based welfare projects.